If you care about yourself and your family's health, and food quality is important, then you should look at the products. Have a question? Please, send me a message.

Our aim is to provide delicious organic food made from the best quality berries which is grown in crisp northern climates. Read more...

NEW! Red onion JamBlueberry-Orange JamRhubarb Jam , Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam with Vanilla, Lingonberry Jam With Cristmas SpicesApple Jam With CardamomBlackcurrant Jam with CinnamonStrawberry Jam,  Sea Buckthorn powderSea Buckthorn Jam With Ginger

Organic farming is a natural mode of food producing, based on balanced nutrient cycle and usage of local renewable resources. The idea is functioning in harmony with the nature, not on account of nature. Read more...

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